Communication is powerful, without it there will be so many chaos in families, businesses, relationships etc.

Effective communication is the process of passing your message, ideas, strategy or information across effectively to another person through the right channel.

The idea is not just to communicate but to communicate effectively. As a business owner you have to understand that effective communication at all levels is very important both with your employees and customers and that is why you need to enhance your communication skills.

This will help you to know what is going on, how and when to adjust, change or improve.

Effective communication skills help resolve conflict or possibly prevent it from happening. It will help you know what your clients want and how to approach them with your ideas.

Below are some ways to enhance your communication skills

Listen to understand: There are many people who listen to attack or criticize, if this is you, you have to stop it else you will keep people far from you. Learn to listen to understand what the other party is saying, you can also ask for clarification where possible to enhance your understanding. It is after understanding the topic that you can constructively point out your point or disagreement.

Ask questions: This simple act has saved many from making a costly mistake. Learn to ask questions, don’t assume that you know it all, l mean, nobody knows it all and that is why we need each other to grow.

Don’t assume: Assumption is very costly in the school of life. Don’t assume it is “A” before you conclude, opinion differs and people might understand an issue from different light hence the need to verify before taking action.

Speak clearly: This is one act of effective communication, speak clearly in a way your audience can hear and understand what you are saying. Pronounce your words correctly and audible, also check with your audience to know if they are on the same page with you.

Feedback: This is a crucial part of the communication ladder, it is very important that you get feedback from whomever you are communicating with, because this is what majorly determines if your communication was effective or not. Everyone loves to be heard, both God and humans, this is why prayer is called communication with God. Communication is powerful and interesting when all things are in place.

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