How To Build a Business While Having Covid-19

Covid-19 is not what you planned for; it is likely to come anytime, it might come probably when you step out after a long while but no matter what the case may be, you must be prepared at all times.

Having Covid-19 is not an excuse to let your business die.

First question you need to ask yourself is, if anything happens to me today, do I have the right system in place because if not, this will highly contribute to bad health condition because you will keep thinking about your business when you are supposed to be focused at the moment because you need to keep yourself mentally up.

First, you need to have systems and business processes in place because your team will need you, especially if you are the one that gives the final approvals.

Secondly, you can make use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), there are lots of them out there e.g. HubSpot, Outlook, Trello etc. No one needs to know you have Covid-19 until you tell them and this can only happen when you have the right systems in place.

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Thirdly, understand that health is wealth, put systems in place to keep your health wholistically, have a health and fitness plan. One for your body, soul, emotion and spirit.

One thing I have realized with Covid is that the mind is always the first to get attacked because where your mind goes is where your body will follow. Once you give up in your mind, your body follows suit because it is the control system.

Keep your mind going no matter what happens. Just push yourself mentally to keep yourself mentally strong and trust me, you will recover earlier than you ever expected.

Lastly, know your big why and maintain the big picture, remember you started the business for a reason, keep at it and watch yourself emerge stronger than you ever thought.

Make sure your WHY is stronger and mention it to yourself continually. Use any worst moment to think more better and creative ways to move your business forward.

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