History: Where it all started.

Legacy Consulting Firm

Legacy Consulting Firm, INC is best known for our fully Integrated Business and Financial Solutions. We offer quality, professional, confidential, personalized individual and business financial solutions, as well as help business owners grow and develop their businesses, and strengthen their financial Foundation. We Provide a wide range of expert solutions from Tax Managements, accounting, IRS Audits, Financial Planning, Disability, long term care, Legal Expense Insurance, Life Insurance, Leadership Development, Graphic Designs and more. we are a complete integrated financial solution company, like no other. We offer Authentic business solutions tailored to your individual needs. With our fully integrated business and personal financial experience we know exactly how to maximize your income, utilized and maximize tax return, while showing you how to increase profits and decreases your expense in the same process.


Now: Who we are now?


Throughout the years we had the pleasure of working with so many businesses, that we fell completely in love with. The problem is there are so many people that are struggling with their visions. They have the great ideas however they need a little push in the right direction, to help the execute their visions. With that being said; we decided to teach people what we know, from health care, finance, business management and more.

The Future of Legacy

We are always working on ways to improve our programs and services, to take our clients and partners to the next level. We will continue to expand to different countries and diversify our services, from hands on training, eLearning, on Demand Coaching, and Digital marketing.


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