Shanie Salmon-Godfrey Ministries

Shanie Salmon- Godfrey Ministries is a ministry on a mission to Transform, Elevate, Empower, Men and Women of all ages, with an emphasis on the millennials. We want to give them tools and resources that they need to live a purposeful life. Our mission is to reach victims of molestation, rapes, domestic violence, drug addiction, orphans, widows, as well as the victimizers, and combat poverty. We have created a wide range of faith base tools, resources, and partnerships, both online and off-line to build communities of substance, where we don’t have to say (me too). We want to get to the root of the issues and offer a real solution to prevent the wide spread of victimization (No more victims/ Not me too. We want to help humanity elevate through their pain, and that suicide is never an option, that there is always something to live for, and eradicate the spirit of suicide over the land.

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