Break-Fast W/Shanie Topic The Power to create.

This is the season to trust God, Completely.

Break-Fast W/Shanie 
Topic: Your enemy will not consume you.

Living the abundant Life
Go Forth
What’s the purpose of the Church?
The Yes!
The Lion and the Lamb!
In the eye of the storm!
What's outside looking like now during the storm
Outside through my window!
After the storm walk through
PUSH part 1
PUSH Part 2
IMPORTANT- 08/25/2017 Conference update!
Final Notice!
No More Smoke and Mirrors (Part 2
Live Q&
He got me up, singing Love song lol.
Wake up! (Blood on the Pulpit Edition)
Silent No More
The Naked Truth!
It's yours, Go get it!
Matthew 26-Jealousy was the Case!
Age Restriction!
Knock Off
What about me? (Part 1)
This Means War-(Part 1)
This Means War-(Part 2)
Yo Mama!
Loose Screw

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