Face The Lion: I Am Prepared to Start Over-No More Smoke & Mirrors

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Face The Lion: I am prepared to start over
No more smoke & Mirrors

Face The Lion is a faith-building, mindset-shifting, purpose-birthing book written by Prophetess Shanie Salmon-Godfrey. This book is written for the visionaries, the purpose carriers, generation curse breakers, the milestone achievers, the black sheep of the family, and the dreamers that refuse to take no for an answer.

Every visionary needs a visionary to help them to elevate to the next stage in their lives. You will learn how to birth your purpose, heal from emotional and spiritual trauma, bring forth deliverance, victory in your daily living, and stir up your spiritual gifts. After years of teaching and pastoring, I have encountered obstacles, endurance, spiritual warfare, and rejection.

This book will equip you to identify your endurance, increase your faith and stand on the word of God You will learn how to eradicate poverty and annihilate fear. Through personal testimonies and life experiences, you will be armed with the word of God, a renewed mindset, with a written strategy to elevate your thinking and improve your life.

Elevation is waiting for you. Are you ready to elevate?

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