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Welcome to Shanie Salmon Enterprise, home of Salmon Global Academy, where entrepreneurs thrive. We are an integrated business, and financial service firm. We help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business, while dominating their market place. Through Business, Media, and Financial Services. With over 15 years of business and financial service experience, I am here to help you grow. Visit my service page to learn more about my business, and how I can be of service to you.

Integrated Business & Financial Services

Starting a Business can be very challenging, overwhelming, as well as exciting. Let Shanie Salmon Enterprise, take the stress out of starting up your corporation today. In as little as 90 Days you can be a small business owner. We have a broad list of services to help you every step of the way. From startup, to growing, and maintaining your business.

Branding Coaching Program

Branding is the most important part of your business. Branding is what make people want to buy from you. Branding is psychological, and emotional. In this coaching program you will learn how to build a brand that attracts your target audience.  If you are already in business, our team will assess your brand, and make recommendations that grows your business.

Media Coaching Program

This program is for anyone that wants to establish or improve their media presence. Media is one of most effective ways to grow your brand. It does not matter if you are new to media or would like to take your media presence to the next level. You can benefit from this program. This coaching program was used to launch various TV Network, TV Shows, Radio network, magazine, podcast, and established a power social media presence for clients all over the world.

Financial Coaching Program

Making money is not as important, as what to do with your money, after you make it. Why is it that people that generates a lot of money, often does not have anything to show for it? They often find themselves asking, where did my money go?

There are a lot of of factors that must be considered, when dealing with money. When you understand how money really works, and your relationship with money, you will be able to see exactly where your money is going. You will begin to let your money work for you. Finding money will become easy, even fun for you to do.

Startup Coaching Program

Launch your business in 90 days or less!

Key Strategies Every Successful Business Needs to Launch, Run, Grow and Dominate Their Market.

Signature Programs & Services

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Very professional and business minded owner. She's very swift at getting things done and very resourceful. Excellent business model. Very outgoing with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Portia Jefferson
She's the BEST and very approachable person. ❤️Highly recommended.
Daniel Michelle
Medical Assistant
I have been with Shanie Salmon Enterprise for just a little over a month and I have accomplished so much in this short period I must say that the personalized services I received from day one has been well above the standard. I highly recommend This firm for all of your business branding needs no matter the size or stage of your company. My name is TY Washington, and I approve of this message!
Dr. TY Washington
I have been at work with this company for a lengthy amount of time now, and this is a company that is always on point with their customer service resistances. My ultimate concern when working with a company is how is the communication between management and employees. Management has the vision the employees work to get the vision fulfilled, at the end of the day we both need each other. I can honestly say that this company communication and clarity on confused questions and concerns that I have had is on point, and on time. Punctual and effective! As long as a company communication and customer service abilities are on point I see no reason not to enjoy what you do.
Stevenson Gerard Eustache
Network Adminisrator


Let's Talk T.E.E!

Transform, Elevate Empower

Let’s Talk T.E.E Blog 

Transform, Elevate, Empower

This blog is to empower women to build a lasting legacy. Every day of our lives we wake up to a long list of things that needs to be done, with the perception that we are superwoman and we always have to have it all together. The problem with that is; even a superwoman has her kryptonite.

What am I saying?

No matter how strong a woman may look and feel, there will be days that will know the wind out of you. The Good News is; I am here to help you build a legacy that will last while enjoying your life in the process. As a Mother, Wife, Pastor, Entrepreneur, and College Professor, I know that it takes a lot of work to keep it all together. I created this blog to have space where I can let my hair down, put my foot up, with a cup of coffee, and just teach people the word of God. Along with the practical things, neglected by Church leaders such as Fasting, Praying, Ministry etiquette, and proper Communication. I want to be able to connect with humanity on a more intimate level. I want to create a Platform where we can have a cup of coffee and conversations, we can talk about the real issues that we are facing on a day to day basis.

”You are never too far behind to go forward”

-Shanie S. Salmon

This Podcast is to help Entrepreneurs build a lasting legacy. I help entrepreneurs achieve their goals,  and overcome obstacles along their entrepreneurial journey. Through the identification of the 5 entrepreneur mindsets, with practical steps to overcome them. My mission is to empower Entrepreneurs to Transform their mindset, Elevate their lives, and Empower them to do it for someone else. I strongly believe that the best legacy is the one that is built with passion.


“We are sweating over here”.

– Shanie Salmon-Godfrey


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What Our Readers Are Saying?

Awesome! I live this book thank you for writing it . I know my why it’s easy my family my kids .
Practical and to the Point! Good, Quick, Read! I was able to read and understand all the information provided. I have another effective resource I can use and apply to any of my business ventures!! I’m glad that I found and read this book! Thank you Ms. Shanie Godfrey! Looking forward to your next book!
A mind has to be conditioned for it to function at it's fullest potential. Upon receiving my book, my way of thinking was not set in the correct frame of mind to become more successful in my business. After receiving, reading, re-reading and retaining all the resourceful advise, to include recognizing my adversities and advantages, I have become even more efficient with my business operations. Thanks Coach!
Dr. TY Washington
CEO-Ty Washington Group
Five Star Rating

8x-Bestselling Author, 2x-International Bestseller, #1-Bestselling Author

Get Your Copy Today!

The Entrepreneurial Mindset was written for entrepreneurs of all industries and skillsets. This book will help you to identify the 5 Entrepreneurial mindsets that entrepreneurs must overcome along the entrepreneurial journey. You will learn how to identify the mindsets, with practical tools to overcome them. After reading this book, you will be passionate and fired up about launching that business. Not only will you learn the 5-entrepreneurial mindsets and how to overcome them, you will also learn how to grow your business and dominate your marketplace using the B.O.S.S. Up Method.

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