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Accountability and Why You Need Accountability Coach.

Accountability is a crucial aspect of personal and professional growth and success. It involves taking responsibility for one’s actions, decisions, and results, and being answerable for the outcomes. In essence, accountability is about owning up to one’s duties, obligations, and commitments, and being transparent and reliable in fulfilling them. There are several benefits of accountability, …

Identify Crisis

People are often influence by their environment. Our environments help us form habits and believe systems, that will shape our identities. Such as religion, culture, financial status, and socioeconomic influences.

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

The Price We Pay to Teach

I heard someone say that we don’t teach subjects, we teach people. The Truth is we don’t teach subjects or people.   According to Miriam Webster, the definition of a teacher is: (one whose occupation is to instruct).  For the first 16-18 years of our lives we are programmed. We are programmed to go to school, …

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