Power of Self-Evaluation

Evaluation is something one ought to take seriously if the aim is growth!

There are so many reasons why evaluation ought to be taken weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and one of them is high-level productivity.

Be it in your personal life or business, a time comes when you need to take a seat and reflect on the journey so far such as decisions taken, mistakes, challenges or even missed opportunities. This will help you know where to adjust, learn, get trained on, cut down, embrace or restart. It is not a crime to pause and re-evaluate, but it will be when you shut down due to fear, pressure, confusion, or misalignment.

Another power of self-evaluation is speed in the right direction, it is not enough to run with speed but the question you ought to ask yourself is; am I running in the right direction or just exercising?

It also guarantees success as at when due, the truth is, most times we do some things that are capable of jeopardizing our chances of succeeding without knowing. But when there is a constant evaluation, it will help to when one starts deviating from the goal and vision of the organization.

It helps us stay accountable to ourselves and those that love us enough to partner or support us. Accountability is one thing every business owner needs to have because you won’t know when you start messing up until someone you are accountable to opens your eyes to it.


  1. Keep the end goal in mind
  2. Constant visit to the vision board
  3. orienting the employees on the journey and goal of the company
  4. Documenting the process of the company’s journey
  5. Getting auditing team
  6. Trainings, Seminars and Conferences

Maintaining these points listed above and much more will help you keep on track, motivated and excited to work or live life.

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