Selling is a Process

If you are a business owner who wants to make more sales in 2023, then make sure you read this content to the end because it will be one of the most helpful pieces you will ever read.

Selling is a process, not a marathon.

Selling is more psychological than logical, that is why marketers and salesmen’s target is to make you emotional by linking their product or services to a situation you can connect with.

Big brands you patronize do this, including those small business owners in your environment.

First, selling is easier when your target audience has a connection with you, because it is easier to buy from someone you know than a total stranger.

This is why you need to promote your product and services unashamedly every day because if you keep mute nobody will know what you sell or do, which might lead to low sales or no recommendations.

Secondly, knowledge is power and people want to know that you truly care. This is the reason you need to equip your audience with the basic knowledge they need at least to make them comfortable and know that you can deliver. Learn more here

Thirdly, after building your KLT Factor “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” which starts with KNOWING (K factor), then you need to invest in your “LIKE (L factor)”. This is when you start building a connection and nurturing your audience with educative, inspiring and life-changing content that is of value to them, it will make them know that you are authority in your field and can deliver.

Then, in the process of doing all these, trust is built, sales become easier and you get a recommendation/referral easily from your audience or customers.

The process is interesting when your heart is actually there to help people solve their problems and get rewarded for it.

2023 is counting already and l can help you build and scale your business with my various experiences in the past few years.

My name is Shanie Salmon Godfrey, l help people turn their skills and business ideas into reality.

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