Your Confidence is Your Strength 

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Some years back, l watched an interview of a notable icon in the business industry and his words changed my life. He was asked his biggest Strength in the journey of his success, mind you, l was expecting him to mention names, activities and similar things but he went out of line to speak about what most of us know but have not utilized- Confidence. One of the vital lessons l learnt in my years of entrepreneurship is the power of Confidence, this is a topic that should take days to thoroughly treat and be understood. You need to understand that after working on your mindset, the next place should be dealing with lack of confidence. Lack of confidence has hindered and denied people of different life changing opportunities, it has made many persons in business to keep experiencing little or no sales because no one will buy from you if you don’t have confidence in yourself and what you sell.

Confidence is the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully. Some persons don’t have the problem of talent or skill, what they have is the problem of confidence, many lack confidence in themselves and in their abilities probably because they have experienced one abuse or the other, or they have seen people with same skill fail woefully and their minds tactfully deceived them that they can’t do any better, but that is a lie because the devil knows that your mind controls your life, what you think is what you become. Fear and lack of confidence is the thief the enemy have sent to keep you stagnated and average because they know that’s where your strength lies.

Your confidence is your strength, beauty, uniqueness, power etc.

I have seen confident fools succeed and l have also seen smart and intelligent people fail because they lack confidence. Unleash your superpower which is hidden in your confidence because you are meant to soar high.

Below are some of the benefits of confidence:

1) It brings out your authentic self: Fear can make one look or act like someone else because s/he is trying to be careful not to overdo or displease someone but a confident person knows his/her worth and stick to it and by so doing true self-actualization is attained. You can’t be on the journey of self-discovery and be scared of being you, the world is not designed to favor you or make you comfortable, that is why it sells its fear and ideology to you just to keep you in fear and in cage. True self-actualization comes when you embrace confidence. 

2) Self Fulfillment: Many people are busy with what they have no business with, they do this to distract themselves and shy away from reality. Fulfillment is far from you if you have not discovered your purpose and fulfilling it. It shows you have not really started your mission on earth and this can be so tiring because you might try to put up a smile, get all the success, appear in all the media platforms and all that but deep down in your heart you know the truth, lying down there on your bed you can’t sleep because the conversation with your true self is ongoing even though the voice isn’t loud but your conviction keeps telling you what to do but lack of confidence keep sounding louder that you ever imagine. Others have been running all their life due to the mission in their hands, but l am here to tell you that you can’t outrun God, you can’t outrun destiny, that is you, who you are made to be, so stop running and face the lion, build your confidence and live the best of your life.

3) Good Decision: Confidence will help you make a good decision in all areas of your life because you have attained your true self. Here you are sure and confident of what you want in life and confidently pursuing it. You no longer make decisions to please anyone but to do what is right, this is one of the best level you could ever attain in life because many live and die without experiencing this reality. Many lives have ended due to poor decision making, many relationships have died because of poor decision making, many things have been ruined because people couldn’t confidently make good decisions. Your confidence is your strength and you need to exploit it to the fullest, it is a free gift God has given you in order to live a good life.

4) It increases your sense of self-worth: Self-worth is the totality of you, a tamper with it will cause great harm. It is lack of self-worth that will make someone think of committing suicide, taking demeaning roles or jobs such as stealing, lying, doing abominable things because they first believed that they were worth nothing in their own eyes. How you take or carry yourself will determine how others will carry you, what you tell or do to yourself is what we hear. I also want to let you know that saying negative things about yourself doesn’t make you humble, it shows you are not seeing the glory and goodness of God in your life. Don’t allow the success of others to intimidate you or make you appear small, they are not you, their success is there to motivate you and make you understand that if they can do it then you can also do it because you both were made by same God. Confidence increases your sense of self-worth and helps you become all that God has made you to be on earth.

5) It helps your health: Confidence is a natural medicine that will keep you in health all the time, whatever you do against yourself affects your health so you have to be very careful because your health is your life. 

Some of the ways to build your confidence:

1) Believe what God has said about you: God wants you to succeed more than you even want yourself to succeed, that is why He gave you your life blueprint in his word, sit with the word, study it, mediate on it, believe it and watch yourself become it.

2) Learn to develop yourself constantly: One major cure to lack of confidence is personal development, l see personal development as a compass leading us to our destination, the more you invest in it the more you gain clarity about your life and mission on earth.

3) Appreciate who God has made you to be: I told you earlier that saying negative things to yourself doesn’t make you humble; it only shows how ingrate you are. You are a masterpiece in your own way but you keep allowing people who have accepted themselves to make you feel lesser. You are special, unique and powerful but you can’t see it until you start accepting and appreciating who God has made you to be.

4) Understand that no man can ever be “YOU”, they can only try but can’t be you: People might try to look like you but they can’t be YOU because only a version of you were made, the rest are counterfeit, so learn to understand your true worth and stick with it.

5) Understand that no one is better than you, everyone is only trying to be better version of themselves: Nobody is better than anybody, we are all unique in our own self, don’t allow anyone to talk you down, keep in mind and keep reminding them that they are not better than you and will never be.

6) Work on your weakness and develop your strength: Self-discovery will help you know where to work on, discover your strength and develop it to the fullest, discover your weakness and work on it to be better, no one is perfect, we are all trying every day to be the best of ourselves, so whole on this journey, don’t lose hope and most importantly never lose your confidence. 

I am a certified life coach, and one of my life’s missions is to see you become all that God has made you to be. To join my coach program, kindly send an email to to get started.

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