Your Story, Your Super Power

Everyone has a different meaning to everything that happens to them. Some see light through their story while others see it as a tool of shame and this is the least favor you could show yourself. People are designed to stigmatize, blame and talk about others but it is left to you to correct them and shift their perspective on the issue. When l mean correct them, it doesn’t necessarily mean yelling or telling everyone who cares to listen the truth because many might not hear you. What l mean is for you to take the bold step to own your story and your experience, remember, nobody was there when you were going through those stuff and even if someone was there, they were not the one going through it, they might try to explain it but it is only that’s capable to telling them how it truly feels like.

Your story is your super power

I know society doesn’t encourage vulnerability but it is the greatest tool in the school of personal development. You can’t grow or cure something you know nothing about, curing symptoms isn’t same as digging the root of issues and curing them, it might take time to reflect but through those periods you are at rest because you know that the root has been handled. I encourage people to own their story, be vulnerable with their experience because it will help them achieve two things:

Total healing: Don’t claim you have healed from the past trauma if you can’t confidently talk about it, this is a major step in getting healed, don’t be scared or ashamed of anything or anyone else you will remain in your shell forever. Many have remained in their shell for so long because they don’t know how to start or are too ashamed to own up to their story hereby depriving humanity of impact, change and transformation. Many are depending on your story to rise and get a life; my story can save millions and at the same time not give meaning to others because they can’t relate or connect with my story but yours might be the one to bring light into the lives.

Make impact: Yes, many young people are now on the right path because someone who has been on the road, they were treading on called their attention to the scars, destruction and price attached to their reckless decision. Many young girls have been given the boldness and courage to go after their dream and vision because someone used her story of how she was deprived of many things because of her gender to inspire them and now the fire of vision burns in them. Please don’t hide your story, many are depending on it to rise too.

One thing people don’t tell you is that every single person on earth has a story, including those who stigmatize others and most times their story is worse. Many of them use that act as a defense system because they know themselves. Don’t be ashamed to share your story and testimony of God’s goodness in your life, don’t hide it, it might be the key to an open door in your life. Many have gone global through their story, majority have started a mega business through their story and pain, some have started ministry and impacted millions around the world through their story. Stop hiding yours, allow the world to see light through your light because you are the light of the world. God didn’t allow you to pass through all you have been through just to hide it or live in depression with it. He loves you, has a purpose for you, he gave you that story to bless you and to bless others through you. Get healed and help others too once you feel comfortable to share your story to the world, we are waiting and eager to hear the great and might things God has done and is doing through you.

Do you need help? I am here just for you, as an experienced and certified life coach, l am saddled with the responsibility to help you find purpose, light, clarity and make impact. If you need me, l am just an email away from you.

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