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There are many business owners in the world today than we could imagine. It is such a beautiful thing seeing many people fulfilling their dreams, doing what they love and enjoy doing. Many are no longer limited by the usual 9-5, not that it is a bad thing but it is something the society has made many people to believe to be the apex. But today the narrative is changing fast, we now have many who are doing 9-5 yet still have a business on the side. I always tell people who are working for others to start their own business if they feel like it because it will help them to be a better employee, it will help you to understand the importance of every customer and treat them right. Some employees are not too nice to clients because they don’t know what it takes to get one customer but if you have your own business, it will help you to set your priorities right, know better and do better.

I sincerely advocate for people to start their own business but with the right motive. If you start your business because you don’t want anyone to tell you what to do then you have to sit down and review your plan because it might not live to see another year. Generally, business is beyond selling your skill, knowledge or product. It goes down to solving people’s problem, if your business is not solving a problem then you are not in business. People don’t want to buy anything, they don’t want to give you their money but once they know that buying from you can change their lives, make it easier or more comfortable then get ready to smile to the bank, also note that it is not enough for them to know, you have to make them see the urgent reason to doit now and you have to use the right word and channel to pass this message across to them.This is just one out of many principles that guides business, this is even the basic especially if your vision is global and long term.

I see business owners everyday struggling to sell which is not supposed to be because ‘solution’ is meant to be embraced by people. The problem of many is not about the product or the destination but the ‘How’. Once you solve the problem of how in your business you have solved many problems already. This is why l tell people to spend time to study the industry they want to go into, buy books on business and entrepreneurship, pay for coaching and consulting, the most beautiful part of it all is that l offer all these services and takes it upon myself to see you launch your business the right way and thrive. So if you are wondering how you can get started, just send me a message and let us get to work immediately. 

Knowledge will help you solve today the problems that might come on the long run, invest in yourself first especially your mind before you launch out. Personal and career development is no longer a luxury, it is now a necessity because it is what will help you climb to that ladder of success you desire. Many think success falls from the sky, no, it doesn’t, it comes through proven steps and route which is what l am sharing with you right now, Trust me, being successful has never been so easy like in this era. I study big-time successful business owners to find out their secret to exploit and l discovered what l am sharing with you today. You can start small, read up online, visit YouTube, buy books, listen to shows and podcasts, follow great minds in your industry, then you can pay for their coaching or consulting services as you grow.

Don’t waste time building from the top, start from the foundation because if it is strong enough when storm comes, you will keep standing. Don’t be deceived, running a business is not play but when you are armed with the right tools and resources you will have nothing to worry about. This is one of the major ways to grow your business, invest in the right resources, coaching programs in your industry. Don’t try to grow alone or in isolation, mingle with great minds in your industry,  ask them reasonable questions when the opportunity presents itself and watch yourself soar like an Eagle. 

Remember, l am always an email away, quickly send a message to work with me.

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