Why Start a Business!

“I am working in a corporate organization but l have a passion for business, what should l do?”

Most times, l get questions like this and my response is often this below;

A business will teach you a lot of things, along the way you might discover some areas you are lagging behind on, either emotionally, wise financially decision, psychologically, or even physically, but your abilities, values, and belief system will be tested.


Owning a business will teach you how to value people, respect, humility, wisdom, and many others.

I often tell those working in corporate organizations that, if they have the opportunity and time to own a business, they should go on with it.

When you own a business, you will learn so many things and then you will realize that most things your boss often ask you to do in the office aren’t to punish you but to help you and the company.

You will discover that some of the laws in your place of work are for the good of everyone.


Anyone can dream or have an idea but it takes courage to take the bold step of starting a business.

If you have a passion for business and you know it will solve problems and impact lives then go ahead and bring that business to life.

But don’t start a business for the wrong reason because it might not last, don’t start because others are starting, and don’t start it out of bitterness, anger, or rebellion.

It will only thrive when you have the right reasons or have a problem it is solving in the lives of the people and the society at large.


My name is Shanie Salmon Godfrey, l am a Business Coach and l help people turn their business ideas into reality.

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