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Shanie Salmon Enterprise, INC is best known for our fully Integrated Business and Financial Solutions. We offer quality, professional, confidential, personalized individual and business financial solutions, as well as help business owners, grow and develop their businesses, and strengthen their financial house. We provide a wide range of expert solutions from Tax Managements, accounting, IRS Audits, Financial Planning, Disability, long term care, Legal Expense Insurance, Life Insurance, and more. we are a completely integrated financial solution company, like no other. We offer Authentic business solutions tailored to your individual needs.
With our fully integrated business and personal financial experience we know exactly how to maximize your income, utilized, and maximize tax return while showing you how to increase profits and decrease your expense in the same process. We help organizations build value by uncovering insights that create a new future, overall productivity, and doing the hard work to improve company performance, through virtual affordable services. We are the only company out there that offers a complete financial analysis that will show you how you get the most from your tax refund while protecting what you cannot afford to lose. We only hire licensed professionals that are PTIN certified and successfully complete a drug screen and background check. With identity theft on the rise, protecting our client is our number 1 priority. Our mission is to help our clients sustain their finances, why working to improve and develop a strong financial future. We spot leaks in financial Houses and teach people how to fix it.
“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
― Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Let’s Talk T.E.E Blog 

Transform, Elevate, Empower

This blog is to empower women to build a lasting legacy. Every day of our lives we wake up to a long list of things that needs to be done, with the perception that we are superwoman and we always have to have it all together. The problem with that is; even a superwoman has her kryptonite.

What am I saying?

No matter how strong a woman may look and feel, there will be days that will knock the wind out of you. The Good News is; I am here to help you build a legacy that will last while enjoying your life in the process. As a Mother, Wife, Pastor, Entrepreneur, and College Professor, I know that it takes a lot of work to keep it all together. I created this blog to have space where I can let my hair down, put my foot up, with a cup of coffee, and just teach people the word of God. Along with the practical things, neglected by Church leaders such as Fasting, Praying, Ministry etiquette, and proper Communication. I want to be able to connect with humanity on a more intimate level. I want a create a Platform where we can have a cup of coffee and conversations, we can talk about the real issues that we are facing on a day to day basis.

”You are never too far behind to go forward”

-Shanie S. Salmon


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