4 Ways to Grow Your Business

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4 Ways to Grow Your Business https://youtube.com/@shaniemotivate

Starting a business is hard and growing a business is even harder, you would lose everything you have worked hard for if you are not careful.

It is proven over and again that 60% of new businesses tend to close down in the first two years if appropriate steps are not taken.

Everyone has something to offer, most niches are saturated, and getting people’s attention is getting harder every single day. It is proven that human attention lasts for just 10 seconds or less over content, no wonder copywriters do their best and sometimes tell lies to get attention.

You might be asking, who am l? and wondering if l am qualified to give you helpful growth tips for your business.

My name is Shanie Salmon Godfrey, l am an international best-selling author of entrepreneur mindset, CEO of over 5 businesses, and a top business coach.

In this article, l will share with you 3 ways to grow your business, these are the things that have transformed my own business literally.

  1. Stop giving out discounts as a new business owner: it might be difficult to take in but this will save your business, the best thing to do is run a promotion, attract the right audience and sell out. When you give a discount to the wrong audience, they might not appreciate it and on your own part, you will be losing money.
  1. Give Out Value: Most times, it is not about what you said or do but the solution you bring to the table. Value sells always, value will naturally bring clients without you pursuing them. Nobody has a free dollar to throw around but willingly offer you their money if you have the solution they are looking for or any product that will transform their lives.
  1. Save 20% off every dollar: I know how you spend your money isn’t my business but this advice am giving you right now will save off trouble and help you scale your business. Pay yourself with some, re-invest some back into your business, and save some for a business emergency. You don’t need to take a loan when you can save to expand and take your business to the next level.

Keep Your Secret: There Is always excitement that comes with fresh ideas or strategy but you have to learn the act of sealing up else you will keep helping others make money. Resist the urge to share an idea you have not implemented with the wrong people, growing a business isn’t as easy as it seems hence the need to be smart and strategic.

I have businesses nationally and internationally, I have Radio & TV network, a magazine, a publishing house, a business academy and so much more, for each of these businesses established, I go through these processes above and it has been rewarding. I also wrote a book titled “5 Entrepreneur Mindsets”, this book is a best seller and will help you grow your business drastically.

For more business-related content, visit my YouTube Channel, subscribe and share with others. https://youtube.com/@shaniemotivate

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