How to Have a Memorable Year

A Memorable Year

The year is here and very young, lots of people are nervous and clueless of what the year will bring but it doesn’t have to be so because if you follow these tips, I am about to share with you below you will indeed have a great year.

Often times, a new year is judged based on our various experiences from the previous year but the truth remains that each year is peculiar and comes with its own good and challenges and there is nothing there to fear. Your thought is powerful and has the ability to control your life, so once you start letting negativities into your mind, it always has a way of showing in your life.

That is why God’s word asked us to guard our heart for out of it comes the issues of life. God knows how powerful our mind can be, so you have to wake up to the reality that the pain, hurt and challenges of a previous year can’t control your present.

Do These Four Things Below to Ensure Your Year is Smooth and Great

  1. Plan and Set Your Goals: Don’t enter into a new year without a clue of what you what to do, even if it’s not too clear but at le4ast have in mind one or two things you intend to do. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your plan is like a map or compass leading you to a wonderful treasure.
  2. Pray Over the Year: Prayer cannot be over emphasized, if you don’t pray the devil is going to take advantage of your weakness to cause havoc. When you pray, God directs your path and cause you to multiply all round.
  3. Have a Budget: This relates to your finances; you have to tell your money where to go else someone else will. Money has to be controlled and channeled to a right course else it will develop wings and fly away.
  4. Investment: I often tell people that the best investment you can ever make is in yourself because your life or business is equivalent to your growth. When you stop growing, many things begin to suffer. For every money you make, take out some percentage and invest back in yourself or business and watch how you will grow tremendously.

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