Failure is an Ingredient of Success

Failure is an event not a person-Zig Ziglar

One thing we have to remember when going through trial in life is that failure is an event not a person, everyone who is up there has been down there.

Everyone at one point or the other in life has failed in one thing or the other, many people you admire today have failed miserably at one point but the difference is that they picked up themselves and moved on.

We are all doing life for the first time, nobody is perfect or has the accurate template, we are all trying to figure things out and failing at one point doesn’t mean things are over for you. Life happens to every man both to the great and small.

Man disappointed

The beauty of failure is the lessons it comes with, it opens our eyes to better ways of doing things, what to avoid and what to do better to stay ahead.

When you meet a man who has not failed before, please be afraid of such person because they are tickling bomb going to somewhere to happen.

I repeat, failure is an ingredient of success, it adds color to your success story.

God said in His word that “Temptation beyond us won’t come to us”, He also said “When you go through fire, I will be there”, now looking at these statements above it will understand that God is not against facing obstacles in life.

He gave us assurance that He is with us at all times, so whenever you feel like the ocean of life’s obstacle is drowning you, remember there is someone who is standing beside you holding your hands so tight.

That challenge won’t swallow you, rather it will make you better and stronger because failure is an ingredient of success.

Read every great man’s bio, you will see many mistakes and failures they have encountered at one point or the other.

So, choose to be strong and determined, you have not come this far to quit but to finish strong.

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