Ways to Make Money in 2023

Ways to make money in 2023 https://youtube.com/@shaniemotivate

Finance is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives because it is needed to put things in order, pursue our purpose, live well and do anything that makes us happy.

Truth is, we all spend our life looking for ways to make money or more money. We go to school, learn a skill or start up a business primarily to make money.

lack of finance has made millions of people depressed, sick because they don’t eat well, while most have lost their life because there is no money to visit the hospital for a proper checkup.

This same finance issue has made many indulge in negative things such as stealing, prostitution, drugs, immoral behaviors and so on.

In this article, I will teach you practical ways to make and save your money in 2023.

Overjoyed black woman holding money cash made in 2023 https://youtube.com/@shaniemotivate

1) Stop comparing yourself: Someone might ask, what is the connection between self-comparison and finance? God has made everyone uniquely and once you start comparing yourself, you will begin to notice your strength and weaknesses. Everyone has theirs but when you compare yourself with another, especially their strength, you will get depressed and of course start self-sabotaging yourself. Your weakness is there for a reason and your strength is also there for a reason, the person you are comparing yourself to might not have the kind of strength you have but because they accepted theirs and polished it, you will think you are less of a human while they are using theirs to make money. This year, learn to love yourself, appreciate your strength and work on your weaknesses, look for that strength you know many don’t have and monetize it and by so doing, you will make lots of money this year.

2) Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself: Many are still poor today because of this. I know this is not your usual article on ways to make money but putting these points to work will help you make so much money you never imagined possible because internal force is greater than any external force anytime anyway. You are not your mistakes, the past is gone and gone for good. Look ahead for the bright future God has made available for you. Once you get out of this phase, you will be available to forgive yourself and accept things you can’t change, through it, you can make lots of money from your pain, mistake and experiences. Stop sabotaging yourself because your journey is different, build your confidence to serve your world.

On the other angle, learn to go for more, you are not really there until you get there. People are going to talk or pass funny comments but don’t allow it to get to you. Don’t settle for your old achievements, go back and build capacity to do and absorb more.

3) Make Use of 80/20 Rule: The easiest way to go broke is to spend all you earn without saving any. Save 10% for long term goals and save 10% for investment into yourself or business just make sure you save something out of every dollar you make, while you can channel 80% to different expenses and short-term goals. Proper finance management will help you stay immune to certain financial crises.

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