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Success is a trigger language everyone understands and wants to attain no matter your tribe, race, gender, background, but if people are not taught how to maintain success, it might be a journey in a circle.

One of the things that have caused many leaders to lose their life, career, or achievement and success is lack of emotional stability. The more you grow, the more your emotion is being tested by people and circumstances.

Ranging from blackmail, hitting headlines, digging up your past mistakes and life and if you are not emotionally ready or stable this might break you and make your success look like a nightmare.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your emotions and regulate them. It is mixing your emotions with reasoning before making a choice or decision.

While doing research, it was discovered that emotion is one aspect of our life that affects every other thing. This is why you see people who are not emotionally stable making mistakes, forgetting crucial details, looking and walking in their shadow.

If one is not emotionally stable, he/she is likely to fail when the emotion is exposed to high tension. People won’t ask if you are ready before messing up or testing your emotional strength. Infact, your success is enough to make people get on your nerves.

Take time to study yourself (Self Discovery)

Understand how your emotion works (Self Mastery)

Learn how to control them (Regulate)

Until you can do this for yourself, you might not know how to put people’s words, actions, or behavior in the right place.

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