Under Thirty in Business

Starting your own business can be a journey filled with excitement. Going down the road toward entrepreneurship will teach you new things about yourself. Exciting in terms of being in control, being your own boss and going into business for yourself especially now with the internet and new emerging technologies lessening the barrier of entry, it is now a more accessible game for every willing soul. Challenges that most young entrepreneurs face while trying to build a business empire is; lack of exposure and enough experience, as compared to business people who are in their mid-thirties and forties young people will take more time to figure out how to handle some of the problems that affect their businesses because they are not opened to various challenging events which may come through. Competition is another challenge, young entrepreneurs commence their businesses in an already competitive field, so most will have to struggle to click in, be recognized by the public, be fit to be one of the competitors and then fight their competitors. Another major challenge is having the capital to start the business and the financial capability to sustain it, unless you are a young entrepreneur and you receive support from family and friends, many young people are yet to be employed and if they are, most of them don’t earn enough to enable them start a business and also given the fact that they have basic essentials they need to satisfy it doesn’t leave them with much. As a young entrepreneur, you face the challenge of credibility whereby you need to convince customers, clients and even prospective employees that you are serious enough and capable of delivering on your promises. Not forgetting the challenge of cynicism, some young entrepreneurs are looked at with some skepticism just because they are young and in business, it is a challenge you have to overcome with boldness and professionalism.

However, one can still thrive and be successful in business while young. Coming up with a good plan and strategies on how to handle your business is one way to evade or avoid problems and challenges one is exposed to in business. Being honest about your reasons for starting a business, starting a business is hard. If you are going to succeed, there has to be a deeper desire to succeed. Before you start thinking about what product or service to sell, be honest about your reasons to start a business. Get over your fears. Fear is good. It alerts you to the bad things that might happen. If you haven’t started a business before, you are entering a new and unknown area. You have no idea what to expect. For some, the unknown is thrilling and for others, it’s pure terror. The best way to get over your fears is by proper preparation. Find mentors, if you are smart you will figure out most challenges you are faced with, but if you really want to succeed in business, you will find yourself some mentors. They have most likely experienced many of the challenges you are facing. Look for successful entrepreneurs, ideally in a similar niche to yours. Embrace technology, nothing has contributed to the high number of entrepreneurs in our world today than technology and the internet. Look at problems or challenges that can be solved with the use of technology and boost your market by making good use of some of the internet platforms, it will be an easier route to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Be bold and creative, do your homework and be confident all through. If boldness gets you into trouble only more boldness will get you out, become creative and look for unconventional means to solve problems. People tend to respect you for that. Have patience, It takes a while to build a successful business. Expect your journey to be a long one. Be patient with yourself. It is great to have high expectations, but you also have to be realistic.

You should never despair when people take your words for nothing and dismiss you with a wave of the hand. Failure in business is crucial to help you grow. Learn to grow a thick skin.

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