Fear! The Invisible Bully

Fear! The invisible bully that we are taught to avoid at all costs. The bully that we are secretly at war with. A never-ending war with only one loser, you. Until you truly understand the power of fear you will never truly conquer fear. Let’s backtrack, the goal is never to conquer fear, the goal is learning how to embrace fear and let fear work for you. Fear can and should be one of your greatest allies.

When you understand that fear is the body’s response to protecting you. When you are afraid your brain triggers a response, either to fight or to flight. This is a defense mechanism to shield and protect you from harm and danger. For example, you walk into a dark room, and you hear a sound that you are not familiar with, you will either run towards the sound or run away from the sound. Running away doesn’t make you less courageous. That’s just the response your brain chooses to use.

People are often afraid because they don’t know what to expect. Going into a dark room, that you have been in all day, now the sun goes down and it’s dark, you heard the same sound, you are more likely to stay in that room, ignore the sound, or seek to understand what the sound is. It’s the same thing with life. We get afraid of people, places, and things that we are not familiar with. The differences that makes us unique is the difference that often divides us, the differences could be, race, religion, or even the business that we are building.

When you are afraid, you need to do three things.

Fear Worksheet:

Analyze your fear. What is it that you are afraid of?

Qualify your fear. Will it cost me my peace, health, life, money, or compromise my beliefs?

Respond to your fear

Once you have gone through the above fear worksheet you should have a better picture of what’s really making you afraid. Don’t let fear bully you, things are never as they seem. Make fear work for you, and not against you. In part two of this article, we will talk about how fear can affect your business with quick and easy steps to navigating fear.

Listen to my podcast episode, fear the invisible bully.


Leave a comment. Let me know, what are some tools that you use to combat fear?

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

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